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25 years of experience in Logistics services

At PANNEST, we take a true collaborative approach in every program we pursue, develop or execute to ensure successful manufacturing, inventory planning, procurement, transportation, warehousing and customer service solutions. Our partnerships are structured to assist our customers in optimizing their inventory, expediting their flow of new products, accessing new markets, customizing services and value added services and forging new value-added relationships with suppliers and customers.

It is noteworthy to mention that our solution approach is designed to provide improvements in information availability, lower costs, inventory reductions, improved return on assets, increased throughput and better cash flows. PANNEST is committed to an open and long-term relationship with every customer in realization of the significant business potential presented by this and future opportunities.

PANNEST wishes to emphasize its extensive experience in the provision of Supply Chain solutions in Indian context supported by leading edge IT applications. This has placed PANNEST at the cutting-edge of innovation within the logistics market place. It is through leveraging this experience and capability, that PANNEST feels confident of its ability to provide superior operations support to its esteemed clientele base.
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Unbeatable Trucking and Transport Services

Pannest Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd, a thought leader in logistics and supply chain management
Our Service
Surface Express
Pannest Surface line is an economical, door-to-door, ground distribution service to over 35,000 locations in India for shipments weighing 10 kg and above. We offer a cost-effective logistics option.
Line Haul
Line Haul refers to the movement of freight with any mode of transport by land, air or waterway between distant cities. Freights can vary in volume and weight, from small documents to heavy pallets.
Cold Chain Services
We have developed a range of superior Temperature Controlled Solutions to meet your specific needs. These solutions are backed by extensive and reliable express distribution, dry ice supplies including...
Value added Services
With a comprehensive range of Value Added Services at their disposal, PANNEST's logistics experts match their selections with your specific business requirements.
We couldn't have asked for a better testimonials, it is our work that distinguishes us from the rest.


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