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Date : 04 May,2022
Before choosing a logistics / courier / delivery / cargo partner, there are a few points that one needs to understand; 1. The type of product to be sent. Define the type of product you need to move from one point to another. For eg: consumer goods, fmcg, pharma goods, etc.   2. Is ....
Date : 29 April,2022
  Pharmaceutical products require special care and norms set up by the Indian Govt. to move from one point to another. These compliances must be fulfilled with a 360 degree aspect to deliver Pharmaceutical goods. PANNEST being Logistics partner for major Pharmaceutical companies in India ....
Date : 27 April,2022
PANNEST has a wide network of Logistics and Distribution PAN India including ODA and North-East regions. With an experience of 20+ years, the team has been successful in building networks and gaining trust of our customers in Express deliveries, Time-bound deliveries, affordable logistics solutio ....
Date : 22 April,2022
Sending parcels these days is a hectic task. You can never trust the courier company to handle your package with care. Not only that but in some instances, individuals need their parcels to reach the destination as soon as the day of sending them. These are some problems that go unaddressed every da ....
Date : 02 September,2021
As your organization develops, you're generally watching out for approaches to smooth out your tasks, make measures more productive, and increment your main concern – however, in case you're similar to numerous entrepreneurs, you imagine that outsider coordinations, or 3PL, is for &quo ....
Date : 25 April,2021
The gigantic cargo craft was originally developed by the Antonov Design Bureau in the 1980s to transport the Buran spacecraft. The longest and heaviest airplane ever built, the Antonov AN-255 holds the world record for an airlifted single payload of 189,980 kilos and has twice the wing area of a Boe ....
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