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Date : 13 April,2021
It has been awarded infrastructure status which has made it easier for investment inflows and has become a major growth driver of the logistics industry. ....
Date : 12 April,2021
Courier services, in other words, handle fast deliveries, usually involving important paperwork or projects that need to be handled with care or are under a strict time restriction. Give your business the next level of assistance with Pannest Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd. #OurServices ?? Di ....
Date : 10 April,2021
The trucking industry is set to grow by 21% in the next 20 years. ....
Date : 08 April,2021
Logistics and Supply Chain Management is one of the evolving industries. ....
Date : 06 April,2021
In the coming few years, there will be an enormous shift in demand management between transportation modes – the overburdened road network is set to share significant oncoming demand with dedicated railway freight corridors that have superior freight handling capacity. New national waterways b ....
Date : 04 April,2021
Geo-tagging is the process of attaching location information in the form of geographical metadata to digital media like websites, videos, and photographs. Geo-tags may also be applied to the digital output and communications such as tweets or status updates on social media. Geo-taggin ....
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