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Date : 02 April,2021
A major part of e-commerce constitutes of the door to door delivery which and for this reason surface is preferred as an important mode of transport. For line-haul activity where the goods are transported inter-state, both the option for surface and airways are open for the service provider. However ....
Date : 31 March,2021
Difference between Logistics vs Courier  Courier services, in other words, handle fast deliveries, usually involving important paperwork or projects that need to be handled with care or are under a strict time restriction. #pannestdaily #ourservices . . #pannest #integratedserv ....
Date : 29 March,2021
Actual Time of Arrival is the time that a vessel or any other mode of transportation is determined to arrive at its destination. #pannestdaily #ourservices . . #pannest #integratedservices #logistics #supplychainmanagement #distribution #transportation #mumbai& ....
Date : 27 March,2021
"Physical distribution can be broadly defined as that area of business management responsible for the movement of raw materials and finished products and the development of movement systems." Why is logistics and supply chain management important? Logistics is an essential& ....
Date : 25 March,2021
How big is the global logistics market? According to the research study, the global 4PL Logistics Market was estimated at USD 57.65 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 84.43 Billion by 2026. The global 4PL Logistics Market is expected to grow at a ....
Date : 23 March,2021
The term logistics is attested in English from 1846 and is from French: logistique, where it was either coined or popularized by a military officer and writer Antoine-Henri Jomini, who defined it in his Summary of the Art of War (Précis de l'Art de la Guerre). Logistical  ....
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